Rules of the House

We wish to inform you about certain formalities to ensure that you have a comfortable and pleasant stay here:

Simple and hygienic food is prepared every day in our well-equipped kitchen by our cook, Devi. If you wish to eat in the common kitchen,you will have to contribute to the kitty

We have a set of keys of your studio which will be used to clean the rooms and bathrooms.

Please do not leave any valuable in the room. it will not be our responsibility you lose it ideally,there will be locker facility – especially for the passport. However,please note that rooms will be cleaned once a week compulsorily.

Please do not stick anything on the walls.If you wish to pin something up,please use the pin-up board. Kindly do not nail anything on the walls without our permission.

We recommend that you pay your rent in advance. If you choose to extend your stay here, you will be charged Rs.1000 per extra day.

Guests are not allowed to stay and work.However,if they decide to stay on, You will be charged extra Rs.1000/- per night.

Bangalore has power shutdowns and unfortunately we do not have generators.
So you might have to sweat it out a bit.We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Internet charges are inclusive.


To provide additional comfort, we offer the following facilities:

  • We have provisions for the safe keeping of valuables.
  • The laundry is taken care of by our domestic help Mona.She does not speak English but can understand your needs.If necessary,you can ask any of us to interpret.A nominal amount of Rs .300 a week will be charged.
  • For drinking water:There is a water filter in the main kitchen alternatively,you can order packaged mineral water at an extra cost.
  • Local agencies change your Travelers Cheques and Currency.
  • We can assist you with travel and transport.



Open house and exhibition is arranged for residents for a period of one week.If you are an artist in residence and have a scheduled exhibition were quest you to follow the following guide lines to make it a smooth process.

You will help us prepare an invite for your show one week in advance and to be mailed on our lists. We will also additionally feature require to furnish in formation about your work and bio to feature in local magazines.

Cost for hiring the Studio will be Rs .2000 for all artists.

You are required to have your work ready one day prior to the opening day for a preview by the trustees of 1 Shanthiroad studio.

We will help you display works.Please obtain prior permission if you need to drill holes on the walls. Please handle wall surfaces carefully.Rs.3000/-will be charged for any damages to walls.

toolkit with all the required tools will be provided. Please return the toolkit with all tools intact after use and no sticking anything on the gallery walls.(We do not have drills)

If you need volunteers for the show,we shall assist you in finding them.A basic pay of Rs .500 will be expected for an evening per volunteer.

Snacks and drinks will be provided at a fee.The menu should be decided at least two days in advance.We will help you with the organization. The sum covers the cost food,disposable cups and plates and a fee for a helper/cleaner.

We provide a high-resolution Sony Projector and speakers.

An important aspect for us is collaboration with artists.We will be happy to assist you with your work / project.



We would greatly appreciate it,if you could write a detailed report of your stay at 1.Shanthiroad. All suggestions and criticism is welcome.

We are not responsible for your artwork and materials after the show .Please make your own arrangements to store, we would not be able to store any of your work.

We wish to make your stay comfortable and will do all we cant ensure that you have a productive stay.

Thank you in advance for your-operation! We are happy to help you realize your artistic potential and endeavor to make your stay a pleasant and memorable one.