Somewhere Elsewhere

The title of the show ‘somewhere elsewhere’ generally implies to/in a different place, position or situation. This show is built around the notion that the state of fantasizing often involves a divide in the physical being and mental state of the fantasiser. I interpret fantasy as the screen on which our desires get projected on. A private fantasy is perhaps the most common way to engage with a desire. It is unclear if it is desire that triggers a fantasy or if it is fantasizing that generates desire. But within the limited framework of fantasy we can play out imagined scenarios representing the realization of our desires.

However a fantasy remains a fantasy, nothing more if not realized. It is a construction enabling us to seek, but simultaneously keeps us at a distance from it. The desire is unfulfilled leaving us wanting. The zone of fantasising is an intermediate zone where the fantasiser is in an ambiguous space of being there but still not there. I have attempted to express this ambiguity. The work unfolds through a series of narratives that are deeply personal, but at the same time invented.