An exploration of body/mind + matter + space through new forms and technology to unravel perceptions of reality.

Vineesh V Amin’s works are an attempt to link consciousness with sub consciousness to explore the Philosophy of process. He believes that existence is perceptual and dependent on possibilities which are extension of thoughts. The origin of the Mind’s Existence is the purpose of Existence which makes the Mind the ultimate existence. His research focuses on the intermediate Spaces between Spaces which are either Abstract or Virtual and attempts to bring out an expression between these Spaces by looking at infinity of intermediate spaces. He looks at Transition by focusing on nothing being intermediate of Time and Existence. He explores the concept of layers of Belief which exists in consciousness producing visualization which links the Mind to the Body developing a feeling which is influenced by Belief and evolving into a Form making Reality. 

This show is part of a series to support young talent by 1.Shanthiroad Studio.